Welcome to Bude Canal Trust

The Bude Canal comprised a mini-network of waterways on the Devon/Cornwall border. It is of considerable historic interest, featuring some of the most unusual and ingenious engineering of the canal-building era. The Aqueduct branch of the system, which is the length in the ownership of the Bude Canal Trust, was the original feeder arm for the whole system, although it was later also used as part of the general canal network.

The Bude Canal Trust is a charity whose aims are to retain the historic interest while managing what has become an important wildlife area. The 5-mile footpath along the old towpath gives an opportunity for all to enjoy this truly wonderful facility.

Volunteer Work Days

Every Wednesday between September and April we try to get some path management work done. This is most often cutting back of hedges and clearing some of the canal basin of overgrowing willow and blackthorn. There is always plenty to keep us busy and the more helpers the better. Most of the work is clearing and burning the cut material. We are generally there between 10am and until we get too tired!, usually about 4pm. If you would like to join us on a regular basis or just for the occasional day call Mike Degnan on 01288 354162.