Two Well Deserved Honorary Memberships Given

The Trust held the annual agm on Friday 3rd December.

Under the constitution one trustee had to retire and it was chairman Steve Church’s turn. Luckily he agreed to stand for re-election and continues as chairman. The financial report showed a healthy improvement from a year ago. This was helped by a few new members, but especially thanks to a charitable donation from a Worcester based company, CryoService, but this particular donation from the Exeter depot. Membership at present stands at 38, again a big improvement on the few we had when the new Trust took over.

The Trustees proposed that two people be given Honorary Membership.

First proposal was for Gerald Fry who has been involved with the Trust since it’s beginnings. As was said at the meeting, without all the work done by Gerald in the early days of opening up the towpath, and in maintaining it ever since, we would not exist today.

The second proposal was that our web-mistress, Alex Foster, should also be given Honorary Membership. Alex has built and maintained our recently introduced web-site without payment. She has always been imaginative with the design and prompt with her updates. The praise that we receive for the site makes her Honorary Membership well deserved.

The membership approved both proposals. Other items included a report on work done along the aqueduct since the last meeting, including the survey of the bridges and culverts. This carried over into the grants report with the engineering report giving a foundation for future grant applications once we have quotes to do the work required.

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