Bude Canal Trust News

Hopefully, this page will have good news! We will keep you up-to-date with things that help to improve the Trust and its property.

Two Well Deserved Honorary Memberships Given

The Trust held the annual agm on Friday 3rd Decembe 2010r. Under the constitution one trustee had to retire and it was chairman Steve Church’s turn. Luckily he agreed to stand for re-election and continues as chairman. Also the Trustees proposed that two people be given Honorary Membership.

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Frog Spawn

Frogs spawn was first noticed along the canal in early February 2011.

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Geo phys. used to identify the site of wheel pit (2011)

Each incline plane on the canal system was operated by a endless chain driven by a water driven wheel pit.

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Barge (re)Discovery (2011)

While doing a bit of bramble clearing around one of the bridges along the canal, Tim tripped on a protrusion in the canal basin.

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Garden Tea Party Enjoyed by all

Winifred, the bantam was an important guest at the Trusts Garden Tea Party held at Tim and Sandy’s house at Higher Penhalt on Saturday 21st May 2011.

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BCT Open Day 9th July 2011

Following the 1/2 year meeting in the morning, the Canal Trust annual open day was held at Pancrasweek Viallage hall.

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Bude Canal Trust Bar-b-que 2011

Once again a successful bar-b-que was held at the end of July at Barton Gate thanks to Steve and Jan.

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subimg_eventsDevonDevon Wildlife Trust Open Day 26th June 2011

The aqueduct canal runs through the National Nature Reserve at Dunsdon. It is managed by DWT and a day was arranged for the public to visit the site and find out about its management.

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Canal Maintenance and Volunteer Days

Despite the weather variations from pleasant sunshine to the more familiar heavy and prolonged downpours throughout the summer we have managed to keep the footpath clear of overhanging vegetation and excessive growth of grass along its entire length.

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Update on some of the Projects Undertaken in 2013

Various projects have been in the pipeline since last year. At last this year several have come to fruition.

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